Newer paintings

Rooftop Wander, acrylic on canvas, 450

Wild Waves, acrylic on canvas, NFS

 Rainbow Peacock, mixed media on canvas - Sold

The red dress -mixed media on canvas, 300

Red Boots, acrylic on canvas board, 120

Storm girl, acrylic on canvas, 300

Magic trees, acrylic on wood, 500

 Blossoms, mixed media on canvas, Sold

Purple Passion, mixed media on canvas, 350 

The Yellow Dress, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 600


Peafowl, mixed media on canvas, SOLD

You,  Acrylic on Canvas, NFS

"It had to be the tiger", Encaustic and Oil on wood, SOLD

Nasturtiums, Red Wine and Autumn leaves , Encaustic on Wood, NFS 


In the Sunlight, 36"x24", acrylic and pastel on canvas, 350