Spring Forward

Acrylic on wood
The Olovaha is a large red Ferry that used to run between the islands in the south pacific kingdom of Tonga where I spent my early childhood years. Fishing boats would come out to meet the Ferry and packages, children and chickens in cages would be tossed down to the waiting arms in the boat as the waves wildly pitched the boat around. I remember the salt in the air.

Spring is coming!
I'm loving this sunshine. I've been painting and selling, and working on lots of different things.
Here are some pictures.

red is best
private collection
Acrylic, paper, on wood

acrylic , pencil on canvas board

Acrylic on canvas board

Water Systems
Acrylic on canvas.
This one was inspired by an article I read about the purest water in the world. Its somewhere in Ontario.They are putting a garbage dump over top of it. Really. Apparently, most of the bad stuff will be filtered out by the time it reaches the pure spring below.


youmamaxox said...

they are all wonderful, senuous and serene. you inspire me!

youmamaxox said...

also wanted to mention that after looking at this site "Kelon" (Alan Bunce) said "WOW"