Wow, its been a while..
I have ACTually been working on a bunch of different things. I have been putting together a proposal for NOCTURN, a very cool art at night festival, and writing a storybook. It is about a little girl who is afraid of the dark and her magical toy owl, who takes her on a flight through the sky and across the moon to the dark forest where she meets all sorts of fantastic and wonderful nocturnal creatures and so, overcomes her fear of the dark.
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I also was involved in the Christmas in july fundraiser with the Agora, and my friends from the community garden.

I led a group of wonderful and talented kids and grown-ups in painting a beautiful colorful mural on three panels filled with different kinds of fruits and vegetables. It was a great experience and i am so impressed with everyone's work!
Now i'm in Ottawa visiting my lovely friends and family and helping my talented and beautifull mama put together an online art auction. as soon as it is up and running i will post the link to it as it is a chance to buy some of her art before they relocate across the world.

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