Go North was a great time yesterday. I had some paintings up at stop 7 on creighton street as part of the Go North tour in Halifax, Ns. It was great to meet so many new people and see everyone enjoying themselves and discovering new art, artists and friends.
The free barbeque, courtesy of Charlies club was pretty awesome too!
All the paintings i had up in Go North are current works, for sale and i'll be putting some pictures and pricing up soon. I also stopped by the craft fair at the North Street Church and saw a whole bunch of really cool stuff, felt jelly fish, naked felt people in a box(really)by The Felt Farm, Angela Penton and these awesome No Monster signs to keep the monsters out of your favorite kids closet by An Oddity or Two, Isabelle Pineau. Other cool things were custom books, handbound by Soraya Etemad: really really nice! and mini mini book earings and pendants by Anagram for Ink, Nico Sylvester. I thought these were so sweet, i just have to think of something clever to write and dangle from my ears... one last mention... Kat Frick Miller, Awesome gin Scavenger shirt. I may just have to get one for a gin loving friend of mine.
Inspired by all these cool people and in the hopes of meeting more, i will be participating in the FEMFEST FAIR, november 29th at the North street church. Come Check Out My Paintings, Prints and Cards!

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