A good friend said to me the other day "the snow in Victoria is pink!" I just spent 2O minutes or so   raking giant pink petals from the Camelia tree in my back yard. It's an odd experience filling your arms with pink flowers to take them to the compost. Somewhere between delight and disgust after the first  five minutes or so. It's also very windy today so there is a sense that when I go back out again after lunch it may seem like I wasn't even there. Today I planted sugar snap peas and sweet peas.  despite the name, sweet peas are apparently poisonous to eat.But Sugar Snaps are not-
Camelia or Tea Flower

pink compost
Yesterday a big white neighborhood cat came to visit. He let me pet him and then saw the giant pile of dirt beside the garden. After rolling around for a few seconds happily he emerged in disguise as a big gray cat. He looked very pleased with himself. I doubt his owners will let him visit again.
Baby Sweet Pea

Baby Sugar Snap

Zach's Wildflower Patch

My precious Spinach

Peter's Tomatoes

Big Plans Ahead

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