Garden Update

ok, so I realize that without warning, my blog veered off from art and became gardening but I promise to start painting again really soon. Maybe I'll even paint my garden once it gets a bit bigger. In my defence, i've always had a fascination with gardens- ever since I wrote a book report on my then favorite book: The secret garden. Which coincidentally, I  re-read just a few months ago and so perhaps, that is why we are here....
In the meantime, here are some pictures of my growing plants.

Lovely Leafy Lettuce






Sweet Pea

Evening Sun

Baby Butter Lettuce

Enormous Parsley Tree

Tomatoes and Beets and Peas

Snow Peas and Sugar Snaps

2 hrs of assembly

64 bolts. No joke.

Ahhh Summer washing..

Still blooming

Painting in progress

Patio in progress

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patience said...

holy jeez i am impressed!